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Review on Phaleria Macrocarpa Pharmacological and Phytochemical Properties

Key notes

  • Medicinal plants have been recognized and utilized all through mankind's history. Mahkota Dewa plant scientifically known as Phaleria macrocarpa originates from Papua Island, Indonesia and grows in tropical areas. Нis plant belongs to Нymelaeaceae family and has been mostly used traditionally as an indispensable medicinal plant in Malaysia and Indonesia [1]. Several ailments such as cancer, impotence, haemorrhoids, Diabetes mellitus, allergies, liver and heart diseases, kidney disorders, blood diseases, rheumatism, high blood pressure, stroke, migraine, skin diseases, and acne has been treated with this plant [2–4].
  • Phaleria macrocarpa has been used for traditional medicine over the years but there should be scientific validations in order to verify the eوٴectiveness of the ailment treatments. Нe pharmacological eوٴects like anti-cancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory eوٴect among others are discussed in the next section.
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