Frequently Asked Questions

What is Phaleria Macrocarpa plant?

  • The plant originates from the Maprik region of Irian Jaya, Indonesia where the local originally thought that the fruit is poisonous. It was brought to Java where it was confined for centuries, within the royal households and use traditionally to treat a number of health ailments.
  • Also known as Crown of Gods and a traditional healing herbal fruit which is full of antioxidants.

  • Where did Phaleria Macrocarpa began and how is it produced?

  • The extract is obtained from the dry fruits of a new variety of Phaleria plants – a cross breed of two original species namely, Phaleria Macrocarpa and Phaleria papuana and cultivated in BRV eco-farm located in the interior of Sarawak, Malaysia. The plants are cultivated under simulated eco-environment almost identical to the indigenous environment. Both factors have contributed to the very high ORAC value of the extract which is extracted from the fruits and leaves.

  • What is Phaleria Macrocarpa used for?

  • Phaleria is being considered generally as a treatment of life style diseases. Extracts from various parts of the of the Phaleria plant, P. macrocarpa for example, are reported for a number of pharmacological activities, including antitumor, anti-hyperglycemia, anti-inflammation, anti-diarrhea, anti-oxidant, antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect. Its stem is used to treat bone cancer;
  • The egg shells of seeds are used in treating breast cancer, cervix cancer, lung diseases, and heart diseases;
  • The leaves contain constituents that treat impotence, blood diseases, allergies, diabetes, mellitus and tumors.

  • Can patients currently on chemo therapy be prescribed Phaleria Macrocarpa ?

  • Yes. This patient group is ideal to take Phaleria Macrocarpa and, being classified as a Food, it is safe for consumption by the patient.

  • What is the dosage for patients on 3rd stage Cancer and beyond for example Lung Cancer?

  • The dosage is 6 vegicaps daily based on the following breakdown of 2 to be taken in the morning, 2 after lunch and 2 after dinner for 3 months consumption at least especially if the cancer cells are still active.
  • For Cancer Survivors, the dosage is 2 a day for maintenance.

  • Which patient group can I put on for Phaleria Macrocarpa ?

    The following patient group can be targeted for Phaleria Macrocarpa ;

    1. Patients who want to boost their immunity.
      • Patients who want to stay healthy and can't afford to take MCs when they are sick.
      • Patients who are constantly falling sick.
    2. Autoimmune disease patients.
    3. Patients who are currently on chemo and medications, and want to take a supplement 'plant extract' as an add on for additional benefit.
    4. Elderly patients.

    What is the dosage and price for patients?

  • The dosage for a healthy individual is 1-2 capsules daily. For patients who are currently on chemo and medications, they can take up to 6 capsules daily.
  • Patient’s cost is RM149.00 per bottle of 60s which is made affordable.

  • Can a pregnant woman consume Phaleria Macrocarpa ?

  • There are no clinical studies done on pregnant woman hence, it is advisable not to take Phaleria Macrocarpa without the Physician’s advise.

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