History of Phaleria Macrocarpa

What is Phaleria Macrocarpa plant?

The plant originates from Borneo Island of Malaysia, and the Maprik region of Irian Jaya, Indonesia where the local originally thought that the fruit is poisonous. It was brought to Java where it was confined for centuries, within the royal households and use traditionally to treat a number of health ailments. Basically there are three main species of the plant but with two having bio-potential and pharmacological potentials and properties

How does it began to produce?

The extract is obtained from the dry fruits of a new variety of Phaleria plants – a cross breed of two original species namely, Phaleria Macrocarpa and Phaleria Papuana and cultivated in Borneo Rainforest Vanilla Sdn Bhd (BRV), an eco-farm located in the interior of Sarawak, Malaysia. The plants are cultivated under simulated eco-environment almost identical to the indigenous environment. We believe both factors contributed to the very high ORAC value of the extract which is extracte from the fruits and leaves.

Where does it grow?

The Mahkota plant grows in Asia including China and is very common in Indonesia and surrounding islands and Malaysia and New Guinea. It's an evergreen tree with red or green fruits which have healing properties.

Benefits of Phaleria Macrocarpa

Phytonutrient Super Food

Phaleria Macrocarpa Extract focuses on the phytonutrient anti-oxidative benefits of Xanthone, Gallic Acids and Benzophenone Glucoside in an extremely potent concentration. Our product operates on a physiological medicinal benefit versus use as a simple nutritional supplement. Phytonutrients are easily absorbed due to their bioavailability in helping prevent diseases to keep your body working properly and healthily.

Active Ingredients

The Mahkota fruit contains saponins, alkaloids, antihistamines, and polyphenol compounds which are all very beneficial for healing purpose of the body. Polyphenols : Anti-allergic Alkaloids: Is antioxidant that can neutralize toxic in our body. Saponins : Anti-bacterial, anti-virus agent, improve vitality, increase body immune system, reduce blood sugar level, Flavonoids : Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer. improve blood circulatory to whole body and prevents blockage of blood flow, reduce cholesterol level as well as reduces accumulation of fat in blood vessel wall, reduce coronary heart disease risk level, anti-inflammation, antioxidant, helps reduce pain when there is bleeding or swelling, anti-histamine(anti-allergy).

Improves Circulation

The Mahkota fruit helps to increase circulation throughout the body including coronary arteries thus helping to prevent heart attacks.

Lowers Cholesterol

The Mahkota fruit helps to lower LDL or bad cholesterol.


Mahkota fruit is a traditional anti-inflammatory thus helps with arthritis, joint pain, redness, swelling, and body pain in general.

Antibacterial and antiviral

Mahkota fruit has an antibacterial and antiviral agent which helps in reducing colds, flus, and other ailments.

Lowers Blood Sugar

Mahkota fruit also helps to lower blood sugar levels and suitable for those who suffer from diabetes.

Helps with Gout

This traditional healing fruit also helps to clear uric acid from the body… and thus, reduce the pain and swelling commonly associated with gout.

Good for Kidney Tissue

Mahkota fruit also helps with kidney disease because it contains lots of antioxidants which are important for healing in general.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Mahkota fruit also helps in lowering blood pressure. Being a good vasodilator it opens up blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

Great Immune System Booster

Mahkota fruit contains lots of powerful antioxidants that boosts up our immune system.

Lowers Fever

Mahkota fruit also helps to lower fever just like aspirin.

Good Detoxing Agent

Mahkota fruit also helps to detox the liver and the body in general with the traditional alkaloids.

Clears Diarrhea

Because of all those powerful alkaloids, Mahkota fruit also helps in clearing diarrhea.

Works Well for Allergies

Mahkota leaves contain a very strong antihistamine called polifenol which works well for reducing allergies.

Cancer and Leukemia

Studies show that Mahkota fruit tea can inhibit cancer cell growth by as much as 50%— more studies to be done.

Heals Acne and Other Skin Problems

Mahkota fruit also works well for healing acne, eczema, and psoriasis, rashes, and helps to reduce itching and other skin irritations.

Who may benefit from Phaleria Macrocarpa ?

  • Elderly individuals.
  • Individuals living with active cancer cells (to consume as add-on for additional benefit).
  • Cancer Survivors
  • Individuals who want to take it for prevention of diseases.
  • Auto-immune disease individuals.
  • How to consume Phaleria Macrocarpa ?


    Every capsule contains Phaleria Macrocarpa 150mg is 100 % natural, containing no additives or preservatives of any kind. Each capsule contains our proprietary formulation packed in a bottle and sealed to retain efficacy and freshness.

    1. For general health, take 2 capsules per day after meal.
    2. For treatment, you may take up to 6 capsules daily.


  • Contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.
  • It is also not recommended for children below 6 years of age unless under advice/supervision of the physician.
  • Not allowed to be taken if suffering from external or internal bleeding. Resume consumption when wound is healed or adequately treated.

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