Phaleria Macrocarpa
Adjunctive Therapy ForCANCER
Highest Natural Antioxidant
3 times higher than Grape Seed Extract

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VitesHerbs Phaleria Macrocarpa (Onco-K) is made from the most nutritious “super foods from – God’s Crown fruit (Phaleria Macrocarpa), is a powerful healing herbal fruit which is full of antioxidants resulting in the most perfect formulation. Using our proprietary extraction technology that delivers more potency. It is the best natural tonic health food for all. Phaleria Macrocarpa Extract is promoted as an herbal health supplement assisting in the maintenance of body and health. It can be taken without any contraindications with medications.

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History & Benefits

The plant originates from Borneo Island of Malaysia, and the Maprik region of Irian Jaya, Indonesia where the local originally thought that the fruit is poisonous. It was brought to Java where it was confined for centuries, within the royal households and use traditionally to treat a number of health ailments. Basically there are three main species of the plant but with two having bio-potential and pharmacological potentials and properties

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Testimonies from some cancer survivors

"In May 2010 a large tumour blocked his esophagus which prevented even water to pass through easily, much less solid food. I also lost my voice. My doctor recommended operation but which I refused for fear of permanently losing my voice. I took the tea concoction of the Phaleria Macrocarpa..."

"I was diagnosed with colon cancer and was about to go the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital for operation. Dr. Francis of BRV gave me the Phaleria Macrocarpa tea concoction a month before the operation..."

"I was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer and went for chemotherapy. After my first chemotherapy I decided to take the Phaleria Macrocarpa tea concoction instead..."

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Medical Articles

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