Breast cancer (2010)

I was diagnosed with a breast cancer on her right breast and was operated on to remove the cancer. A month later I went for chemotherapy. Because of the side effects which I could not tolerate as well as the cost, I approached BRV for their Phaleria Macrocarpa tea which I took for 1 month before her next medical appointment. The subsequent medical check up showed that the presence of cancer cells in my blood was normal. My doctor recommended that I continue taking the same food which I took daily since. I am now living a normal life.

Elizabeth Udom (26 years old)
Breast Cancer (2013)

I suffered from breast cancer, went to Kuala Lumpur and spent about RM80k for initial treatment which did not show significant result. I returned and upon knowing about the Phaleria Macrocarpa tea concoction I took it instead for my problem. Two months after taking the tea continuously, my doctor reported that the cancer cells count in my blood is now normal. I am now living a cancer-free life and take the tea daily as supplement. It could have saved me a lot of money.

Telun Lanau (29)
Colon Cancer

I was diagnosed with colon cancer and was about to go the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital for operation. Dr. Francis of BRV gave me the Phaleria Macrocarpa tea concoction a month before the operation. When I went to KL for the operation, the doctors found out that the cancerous parts of my colon had improved tremendously and decided not to remove my colon. I took the tea daily since and I am living a healthy life.

Baun (62 years old)
Colon cancer

I was diagnosed with stage 5 colon cancer. The doctor told me that they could not cure me anymore as it affected my entire colon. In July 2013, my eldest son took the Phaleria Macrocarpa tea concoction for Dr. Francis which I took immediately. After one month of taking the tea daily, my appetite improved tremendously and the doctor told me that the cancer in in colon is decreasing significantly. So I sent my son to thanks Dr. Francis for giving me a second life. I was supposed to die within a few months. I am now living a healthy life and return to the village. The cancer had gone and my entire family is taking the tea daily.

Balan Apoi (78)
Esophagus (throat) cancer (2010)

In May 2010 a large tumour blocked his esophagus which prevented even water to pass through easily, much less solid food. I also lost my voice. My doctor recommended operation but which I refused for fear of permanently losing my voice. I took the tea concoction of the Phaleria Macrocarpa . After two weeks of taking the tea thrice daily, I could take in messed porridge and liquid easily. After 1.5 month, the tumour shrunk significantly and I was able to take solid food and talk clearly. One day during the third month, the tumour detached from the lining of my throat. After a medical check this was confirmed by the doctor and I am very healthy since. I also suffered from high blood pressure and kidney ailment. The concoction also helped to stabilize both problems, for example, the constant backache related to his kidney disorder is gone. I now take the concoction twice daily to maintain my health.

Michael Nyipa Lian (53 years)
Lung Cancer (2013)

I was diagnosed with stage 5 lung cancer consisting of 9 tumours in the lungs. Even after 8 rounds of chemotherapy supported by some herbal supplements, nothing changed. I then opt for the Phaleria Macrocarpa tea concoction. After taking the tea for 1.5 months, the doctor reorted that 6 of the tumours shrunk. All 9 shrunk within 3 months. I then decided to discontinue and took other herbal supplement instead. A month later the medical test shows significant relapse. I then decided to take the concoction again. (This patience passed away last January 2014 from tumour in the brain).

Patrick Tan (56years)
Lung Cancer (2012)

I was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer and went for chemotherapy. After my first chemotherapy I decided to take the Phaleria Macrocarpa tea concoction instead. For almost a week after taking the concoction I coughed consistently and was informed that it might be because the cancer is responding to the supplement. I continued to take the concoction and my cough decreased by the day since. During the follow-up check, the doctor said that the tumour in my lung had shrunk significantly. Now the tumour had shrunk completely and I continued to take the supplement daily.

Balan Lian (46 years)
Lymph node cancer (2010)

He was diagnosed with stage 5 lymph node cancer beneath his left ear. The hospital gave up on him as he did not response and cannot take radio-therapy treatment. This was in July 2010. After much convincing he decided to stop taking all the cancer medicine except the vitamins as the medicine no longer had any effect on him. He started to take the Phaleria Macrocarpa tea concoction instead. He lived on until February 2012, almost1 ½ years longer than expected by the doctors. The huge swell at the left side of his faced was gone. He died not because of the cancer but from pneumonia because the cancer had spread to his lung.

Kumbang Lawai (82 years)
Ovary Cancer (2013)

I was diagnosed with stage 2 ovary cancer by a private practitioner and was sent to the government hospital to remove three tumours in my ovary. Three weeks before my appointment with the medical specialist I took the Phaleria Macrocarpa tea supplement. When I met the specialist, he asked what was wrong with me as he could not see any tumour in my ovary. I also stopped bleeding for two weeks before the check-up. The doctor saw three scars on the lining of my ovary and took samples for tests all of which saw negative results. I m taking the tea daily now.

Tipong Padan (39 years)
Stomach cancer (2013)

I suffered from stage 3 stomach cancer and underwent 7 rounds of chemotheraphy. Because I took the Phaleria Macrocarpa tea daily, I did not experience any of the side-effect associated with chemotherapy such as loss of appetite, nausea, etc. I am now cure of the cancer and I am taking the tea daily as preventive supplement.

James Gasing (58 years)

Medical Conditions


Mrs Chee suffered from arthritis for many years and is walking using a “walker”. Her husband then gave her our concoction and three month later until now she walks normally. She is now one of our living testimony for her neighbourhood.

Mrs. Chee (69 years old)
Boil (2011)

I suffered from boils which appears regularly at any parts of my joints. Since taking this supplement regularly since about 3 years back, the boil had completely stopped.

Clement Tebenggang (41)
Diabetes (2012)

suffered from severe diabetes. Since taking the tea concoction regularly I now live a normal life.

Martha Brahim (43)

I suffered from diabetes and kidney problem. Since taking the supplement regularly, I have stopped taking medication from the hospital for controlling my diabetes and my kidneys are functioning very well. I am taking the tea daily.

Aan Sika (65 years)
Ghout (2012)

I suffered from very severe ghout which sometime caused be to be bed-ridden for weeks. Since taking the Phaleria Macrocarpa tea concoction I am now free of the ghout. I can even eat most of the food which used to trigger the ghout. I am now one of BRV contract planters for the Phaleria Macrocarpa plant.

Pius Madang (71 years)
High blood pressure and facial pigmentation 2010)

I suffered from high blood pressure which no modern medication seemed be able to reduce. Since taking the Phaleria Macrocarpa tea regularly my blood pressure had been normal.
My face is also affected by pigmentation. The pigmentation had also gone since taking the tea. Since then I have registered as one of the contract farmers to plant the medicinal plant under BRV contract farming program.

Bulan (52 years)
Metal poisoning (2012)

I was a very successful marketing manager. After undergoing treatment for my teeth I suffered from overdose of mercury. I spent my whole life saving for further treatment which did not work. I was sacked from my job. I could not sleep in an air-conditioned room which cause years of friction with my wife. I am thin and pale and my hands are perennially cold. I decided to take BRV Phaleria Macrocarpa concoction. A month later almost all of my problems were gone: I slept well even under air-conditioned room, had good appetite, my blood is circulation improved significantly. I even started to be intimate with my wife which surprised her.

Mr. Lim Nyit Cheng (54 years)
Multiple problems (2013)

I am one of those people who had been diagnosed to have suffered from a combination of severe health problem – breast, colon and liver cancer. On hearing and researching about the Phaleria Macrocarpa , I decided to take the tea concoction. After taking the supplement for 1.5 month, my breast and colon cancer have improved significantly. My liver problem is also responding. I still under go chemotheraphy. But unlike other chemotherapy patients I did not have problem with taking any type of food. I feel I am slowly regaining my health. The tea helped me to avoid all the problems people reported due to chemotherapy

Mrs. Lee (56years)
Stroke (51 at time of stroke)

In 2004 I suffered from stroke and one of the prime cause was thick blood. The doctor prescribes cardiprin to think my blood with warning of the many potential side effects if taken over a long period of time. Since 2010 I stopped taking cardiprin and replace it with the herbal tea produced from the plant and the capsule since 2011.

Francis Lian (Started taking from 2010)
Stroke (59 at time of stroke)

I suffered from stroke in 2011 which caused facial deformation and my left eye could not close. My left hand was also feeling numb. Because of the facial deformation, I did not want to meet people and stayed alone at my farm house with my family. After taking the capsule continuously for three month my face muscles started to recover and my left eye lids started to loosen. I am now fully recovered. My left hand no longer feels the numbness and I can even go to work at my farm. I still take the tea concoction daily for maintenance.

Brahim Selong
Stroke patient (2013)

I suffered from stroke which made my movement unstable and weakened one side of my body. After taking Phaleria Macrocarpa tea daily, I am now fully recovered and am even able to go to my farm to work.

Lina Gilang (57 years)
Stroke patient (2011)

I suffered from a stroke with caused half of my face to deform, my mouth slanted and unable me to close one of his eyes. Because of that these problems I became a recluse. After taking the Phaleria Macrocarpa tea concoction for about two months my face slowly return to normal and my eyes can close easily. I now lead a normal life and mixing with people freely again.

Brahim Gau (68 years)

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